Acute cardiological care unit

Cures agudes simulació

Module description

Module set in an acute coronary care unit, with the option of transfer to a haemodynamics room. It allows participants to provide comprehensive care for a patient with cardiogenic shock requiring advanced care.

The scenario provides:

  • Monitors that simulate multiple heart rhythm disorders (choice of 17 possible heart rhythms).
  • Cardiac output monitoring with a Swan-Ganz device (wave visualisation).
  • External defibrillator monitoring.
  • Drug library with advanced infusion pumps.
  • Ventilators with different advanced ventilation modes.
  • Intra-aortic balloon pump counterpulsation.
  • Impella CP intracardiac circulation support.
  • Cardiopulmonary support system. ECMO.

Comprehensive information:

  • Participants communicate with each other and with the patient using real-time voice-chat.
  • Avatars available: 4 adults, 3 paediatric and 2 neonatal.
  • Different libraries are available: Laboratory tests, image tests, electrocardiograms, etc.
  • Possibility of different roles: Simulation facilitator, participant, observer.
  • Possibility of interactions with patients and different medical devices.
  • Possibility of dynamic physiology of the patient in response to the treatment and the different actions of the participants.
  • Possibility of generating multiple cases and sessions simultaneously.




Important information:
In order to participate in a training session,keys acces are necessary.

If you are professional , request them through the Intranet.

If you are part of the external staff and you want more information, contact us