Patient simulation with nephrology

Module description

Module set within a renal substitution therapy unit. It provides participants with the ability to comprehensively treat a patient with kidney failure, when they require substitution therapy, for both adult and paediatric cases. Different patients have been designed (breastfeeding infant, child, adolescent and adult patient).

The scenario allows users to:

  • Programme dialysis machines.
  • Create dialysis guidelines.
  • Place dialysis-specific vascular access catheters.
  • Request imaging tests, labs, electrocardiograms.

Comprehensive information:

  • Participants communicate with each other and with the patient using real-time voice-chat.
  • Avatars available: 4 adults, 3 paediatric and 2 neonatal.
  • Different libraries are available: Laboratory tests, image tests, electrocardiograms, etc.
  • Possibility of different roles: Simulation facilitator, participant, observer.
  • Possibility of interactions with patients and different medical devices.
  • Possibility of dynamic physiology of the patient in response to the treatment and the different actions of the participants.
  • Possibility of generating multiple cases and sessions simultaneously.





Important information:

In order to participate in a training session,keys acces are necessary.

If you are professional , request them through the Intranet.

If you are part of the external staff and you want more information, contact us